Saturday, October 20, 2007

What the scrap???

I know you have one too. A corner, closet, basket or some such container that serves as the resting ground of all he half skeins, beginner yarn, yarn that some very nice person thought you might like cause they saw you knitting or crocheting something one time six years ago. Well no longer will my scrap remain hidden from view, tucked away like a dirtly little secret. NO! Scrap Unite, I say. Ugly and Beautiful, Soft and Scratchy, Worsted and Fingering come together as one and create life anew. Having said that, here is the beginning of my fall/winter middle/long term project.


Virtuous said...

Hahaha! @ your entry title!

Very good use of your leftover yarn!

bugg said...

Thanks, the volume was threatening to strangle me. lol