Thursday, December 13, 2007

Badddddd Blogger

Don't you just hate it when people don't update their blog on a regular basis and then have a million things to put it in when they do?

Yeah me too, right!

Ummmm, .................Sorry

Starting with the most recent endeavor. I found this lovely pattern for a very basic sweater that just happens to go all the way up to 5x. Yes, that right. The patterns move smoothly from XS to 5X. Why is that important you ask. Well, it seems that most all plus size patterns either require you to use needles as big as billy clubs or perversely chunky yarn, or my personal favorite of "let's just knit up a throw and call it a wrap/shrug/shawl or we could just call it an afghan like the pattern says.

so I started this sweater, taking advantage of all the wonderful sales at the crafts stores. I mean! 100% wool for pennies! Pennies I tell you. Not to mention the wonderfully scrumptious blend that are available around every corner. AND THE COUPONS!!! STOP IT.
I also started another pair of gloves with yarn I am absolutely in love with called Snow Cloud.
I also have several "food crafts" to post, however I must go and knit now because in the midst of all that, I have been working tirelessly on Micro Braids for my daughter and her cousin. Next week I get to start planning the Christmas Party and I need to make my cousin another hat. Like this one that I made for her.

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Sheila said...

Hi Craft Vixen – came across your blog via Ebony Elite. I love beanies – they are so quick and easy. BTW the sweater you posted about, which magazine is it featured in. I love the fact that it has a broad range of sizes.