Friday, October 3, 2008

Part 2 of 2

In a moment of weakness I gave in and made the Kid a book bag. Even at my strongest I am still vulnerable to the charms of a 14 year old girl asking for something hand made by Mom. So here I am......don't judge me. She requested a bookbag with pockets. Now I have made a few of these bags out of cheap material found on clearance racks and walmart stores near where I live. they are quite useful if you are like me and carry several thing around with you just in case you are trapped somewhere for more than 3 idle minuted and could use that valuable time to knit, crochet or read a magazine about knitting or crocheting. the width and depth of the bag will allow for several magazines or books, lunch, and the usual suspects of any young, middle, or old lady's bag. However this is the first bag with pockets I think are acceptable. I included a compartment for her pens, pencils, ipod, cell and money or something else small and important. There are no zippers or Velcro on the pockets because I just don't like it. Instead I just made them deep enough in the bag that if something fell out it would likely fall into the body of the bag, but not so low that she can't just reach into the bag and grab what she needs while it is hanging on her shoulder. The bag also has an outside flap for a little extra security.

This i think is my favorite hat, just because of the way the stripes kind of shift as you decrease, not to mention the fit it fan-freakin-tastic. I used Lion Brand Wool Ease which has a good amount of stretch to it, is totally machine washable and not too hot, like 100% wool. Plus let's not forget, that I will loose any hat, glove, scarf and sock, hand made or not, so I'm not looking to invest a lot of money into these pieces. It's a good thing cute doesn't always mean pricey.

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KimT said...

the bag is fantastic!