Friday, June 15, 2007

An inch is an inch no matter what gender.

If I had to pick one thing, just one that I hate about crafting it would have to be going to the hardware store in my work cloths. Your IQ drops about 30 points when you have on a dress, heels or makeup. I went to a nationally known home improvement store to buy my materials. I will admit that I had a couple of questions. (1) What is the best material to use for doors and shelves (keeping the cost low). The answer MDF (medium density fiberboard). Question (2) Can I get 2 doors and 3 shelves out of one piece of said material. The doors measure 30 x 25 and the shelves are 29 x 16.5. The MDF is 49 x 96. Now my name is not Bob Villa or Tye but damn an inch is the same all over the world except for Mr. Macho Man at the nkhis. He gave me such a load of crap about only getting 2 doors and maybe one shelf and "that would be tight". Dude! Really? Fortunately there is another nkhis across the street and that Mr. Macho Man knew I was smart. So very long story short I have doors and shelves.

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