Monday, June 18, 2007


I did not like this finish. The sponge technique is a slow process and unfortunately you don't know if you like until it is completely done. Even though I did a test board, the finish looked quite different on the cabinet.

I changed the finish to a solid color. Rich Espresso by DecoArt Metallics. I used Americana Acrylic Paint for the doors doing a random stripe look (faux 70's) and I still need to put a gloss sealant on the entire piece.

The hinges are not back on yet which is why it still looks a little crooked. Once everything is on (hinges and handles) the doors will close flush giving the appearance that it is one piece (not gaps). I still have to paint the inside, put two of the shelves on drawer tracks and build my compartments on the top of the inside shelf. But alas, not tonight.

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